Long Term Treatments Wilmington

Regular rides

Many of our clients are undergoing long-term treatments such as dialysis or chemotherapy. We understand it is important to make it to these appointments regularly and on time. That’s why we offer special rates for regular clients. We are happy to work with you and your treatment schedule and arrange special transportation however many times a week or a month you need.

Our fleet

Our fleet is made up of a variety of vehicles, so no matter your health situation, we can accommodate your needs at any time. Our specialized transportation company offers a full scope of non-emergency medical transportation services. We can even transport wheelchairs safely and comfortably as part of our standard service.

For added comfort, our vehicles are fully-loaded and fully accessible. Each is complete with low floors, raised ceilings, lifts, and ramps. Each one is also carefully maintained, cleaned regularly, and disinfected after each use. We take care of our fleet so that you or your loved one can feel completely at ease.

The team you depend on

Depending on your needs and situation, we do this to make sure that you’re safely loaded and unloaded from the vehicle and can get securely to your destination. We always consider your safety as our top priority.

Book your transportation now

At Carolina Mobile Transport, we service both local and long-distance wheelchair and handicap transportation for people receiving long-term treatments in the Wilmington area. We can pick up seniors and individuals with illnesses and help them travel to any destination within 250 miles of Wilmington. Call today so you can make it to your next appointment hassle-free.